Fudgestuff Flavours

We like to make unique, untraditional flavours of Fudgestuff. Here are some flavours we have made before. Each week we change flavours, so you might see your favourite on sale again soon! Check out our Online Store to see what is available today!

Unicorn Poop: Creamy White Choc Marshmallow Fudgestuff with all the sprinkles, topped with edible glitter.

Our first ever flavour, Unicorn Poop Fudgestuff looks and tastes amazing!

Bill Baileys Fudgestuff - Irish Cream Infused Milk Chocolate Fudgestuff with White Choc Drizzle and Biscuit Bites.

You can taste the Baileys in this one! Rich and delicious!

Simply The Zest Fudgestuff - Milk Chocolate and Valencian Orange Fudgestuff topped with Jaffa Cakes

Lots of people's favourite and we can see why! Simply The Zest Fudgestuff Rocks!

No Half Measures - Whisky infused Fudgestuff with Angostura Bitters, Brown Sugar, Dark Chocolate and Orange Topping.

Made especially for Father's Day 2020, All the ingredients of an Old Fashioned Cocktail.

Hungry Like The Whilf - Rocky Road Fudgestuff with marshmallows, biscuit and white choc chunks.

Hungry like the whilf is a filling, mixed up Rocky Road Fudgestuff. Raisins optional.

Coffeeshop - Rich Dark Chocolate Espresso Fudgestuff topped with Chocolate Coffee Beans and Pink Himalayan Salt.

Freshly Roasted and Ground Coffee infused into rich dark chocolate. Decadent much.

Top One Percent - Salted Caramel Fudgestuff with shortbread, caramel and a chocolate drizzle.

Millionaires Shortbread Inspired Fudgestuff, it tastes as good as it sounds!

Four Finger Discount - Super Chocolatey Biscuity Kitkat Fudgestuff

Have a Break, Have some Fudgestuff.

For those with a sweet tooth, this stuff hits the spot!

Raspberry Jam and delicious biscuits make this Fudgestuff irresistible!

It tastes mint too! That Looks Mint Fudgestuff is a cool chocolatey treat

Sticky Sweet Fudgestuff, Pecan Mix Maple Out all the stops.

Everyone loves Oreo's. So do we. Oreo's inspired this triple layered treat!

Amazing flavours and textures, it's a Lemon Meringue Pie! So gooooood!

It's got every type of white chocolate we could get our hands on and its lovely!

Every bar contains a whole bueno and hippo. The Fudgestuff actually tastes like Bueno!


People say its a new favourite. We've got 99 problems and this ain't one.

Amazing Caramelised biscuits make this Fudgestuff an absolute treat!

Pikachu Fudgestuff looks amazing and tastes even better!

Summer vibes with this Wimbledon Classic. Delicious Eton Mess Fudgestuff.

Halloween 2020 inspired this interesting combo that is surprisingly moreish.

Sticky, Sweet, and Sour. Treat was a very popular Halloween choice.

BOOnicorn Poop added some spooky toppings including edible eyeballs!

Christmas 2020 brought us Rudolph Poop Fudgestuff. We included antlers too!

Looks familiar? A Christmas staple reinvented into Fudgestuff.

This was a challenging flavour, but the end result was colourful and tasty!

Many customers asked us for coconut Fudgestuff, and here it is!

Neopolitan ice-cream reimagined into Fudgestuff.

All the best parts of a cherry bakewell reimagined as Fudgestuff.

To celebrate our five star food hygiene rating, we created five star Fudgestuff!

Foolishly someone asked and we delivered. You did it to yourselves.

Valentines Day 2021 inspired this heart topped Mars Bar Fudgestuff.

Fast becoming a Fudgestuff Favourite, Thanks a Latte Fudgestuff is outstanding.

The first of our two Easter Fudgestuff specials! Launched for Easter 2021.

Not only is this covered in Creme Eggs, the Fudgestuff itself tastes like Creme Eggs!

Launched in 2021, our range of 'traditional' Fudgestuff.

Due to customer demand, this retro combination stands the test of time.

A glug of real Canadian maple syrup in our creamy "Fudge?"

50% Fudgestuff, 50% Fudge. 100% delicious!